SINGLES EVENTS FOR HINDU AND SIKH PROFESSIONALS The only dating event where the ice is broken for you

Who is Date Masi?

Date Masi, or the name behind the brand, is Anika Lad. A young vibrant Event Management professional who wants to help you meet new people through fun, casual, activity-based singles events; rather than you forming an opinion based on a dating site profile or during a 3-minute speed date.

“Date Masi is not your typical Masi… She’s fun, young and on a level!”

Why try Date Masi?

Date Masi’s events are typically held on Sunday afternoons when you’re most likely to be free and feel relaxed, giving people the chance to meet the ‘real you’ in a casual environment. The events are open to single Hindu & Sikh professionals in the UK wanting to meet new people for love or friendship.

“Fun, relaxed and sociable – a non-intimidating approach to dating!”

How it’s done?

Date Masi’s events are designed around fun interactive games and activities that will help you forget you’re at a singles event. Exciting twists are added, such as getting you talking about ‘How many pizza slices you can eat in one sitting?’ or showing your best robot dance moves, which instantly breaks down the barrier.

“Loved the games and almost forgot it was a singles event”

“Date Masi has created the next best thing in dating!”

About Date Masi

Don’t be fooled by the name ‘Date Masi’. It was given to me years ago by a friend who saw me match making a couple at a BBQ, and it instantly stuck! I’m not a typical ‘Masi’ that you’ll meet at a wedding asking you when you’re going to get married? I’m a young woman in my 30’s who understands our culture, our generation and wants to help you meet your match.

Dating shouldn’t be hard. However, for many it seems to be the one area that has become a struggle, just to meet someone they can connect with.

Knowing so many friends and family in this situation, I decided to launch Date Masi and organise singles events that are fun, casual, but more importantly relaxed; giving people the opportunity to meet others and just be themselves.

date masi

“Kudos to Date Masi for organising an incredibly relaxed yet fun filled event!”



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Date Masi Events

When you think of singles events, the first few things that may spring to mind is speed dating, repetitive dating questions and cheesy one liners.

Date Masi’s events are the opposite. They’re fun interactive games that break the ice for you, with twists to eliminate the bore and awkwardness of usual dating questions. The events are typically always held within London on a Sunday afternoon in a casual bar environment, allowing you to relax and be social.

Each event typically attracts between 40–70 professionals from all over the UK, across different age groups, ranging from mid 20s – mid 40s,  and has an even split of male and females.

Don’t worry if you’re a shy or quiet person; the activities naturally help you interact with others at a level you are comfortable with. Teams are arranged in advance, so that you meet suitable people in your age category. The teams then change throughout the event so that you get a chance to meet everyone. Once the activity is finished, you can mingle freely. Approaching each other again is no longer a problem, as you would have met during the activities.

Anika aka Date Masi really does a good job putting you with people of similar age groups and keeps time between the games for you to mingle with whoever you please.”


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