Dating – The new way to say NO

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I love to get to know those that attend my Date Masi singles events and hear about their experiences – good or bad that have led them to me. After hearing the following story, I knew that I had to share it and get your thoughts!

ValentinesRotatingDo you know the truth behind ordering a Hot Chocolate on a first date?

I met a girl at one of my events who told me that she had exchanged numbers with a guy via a family member. A few texts and a call later, she decided to meet him at a local coffee shop. Date day arrived, and as arranged, they met and exchanged pleasantries before deciding to order their drinks. They both ordered a Hot Chocolate. 

By now you must be wondering what’s so wrong with ordering a hot chocolate on a first date. Well, apparently in the dating world a hot chocolate is the easiest drink to order when you don’t want the date to go on too long. The reason being is that you need to drink it whilst it’s hot to enjoy the taste, however, it’s so filling that you don’t need to order another one; making it the perfect excuse to end the date there.

The girl told me that they both knew there and then that it would be a short date, but neither felt awkward about what had happened.  But it got me thinking, is this the new way to say NO, or would you rather be told properly after the date?


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