Is finding love a bit like finding a new job … It’s a job within itself!

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  • Having a tick list of location, salary and benefits of the company
  • Updating your CV to show off your skills and personality
  • Searching through loads of websites and apps
  • Completing online applications, only to be rejected.

All of the above could apply when looking for love, especially the Tick List, but I think this is fast becoming a hindrance rather than help.

bigstock-Red-tick-in-a-box-in-form-of-h-23456612When you have a tick list of what you are looking for in a future partner, what you are actually doing is limiting your chances of meeting anyone new you could click with. As immediately you start to tick the boxes off and if they fail to reach a 5/5, you won’t give them a chance.  

I used to have a tick list when I was younger of who my ideal partner would be, but in reality my match turned out to be the opposite of what I was looking for, and was actually right for me. However, if I had stuck to my ‘Tick List’ we would have never met and who knows I could have still been on my search, even today.

So my advice would be to ditch the tick list in your head, as this might help release some of the stress and burden of being single and start showing off your personality … because you never know who could be watching!!


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