Smart phones are not always the smart choice

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We live in a ‘look down generation’ driven by our mobile phones, and although we rely on them to get us from A to B. Once you’ve arrived at a singles event, should your phone really be out, unless you are exchanging numbers? The reality is that smart phones have become our ‘comfort blankets’.

When we are left on our own for more than 5 minutes, we suddenly feel the need to reach for our phones to avoid looking stupid and having no one to talk too. Though this may be fine to do in other environments, at a singles event being on your phone is like holding up a sign saying

‘I am not interested in you’.

It automatically reduces your chances of anyone approaching you and sparking a conversation, as you wouldn’t want to interrupt anyone on their phone? It’s like invading their privacy.

not_interestedI see it happen time and time again at my singles events. Everyone is having such a great time during the activities and within their teams. However, the moment there is a break, which is clearly added as an opportunity to mingle and get to know each other; many people get their phones out and indirectly put their guard up. Not realising that this is best time to meet someone, as the ice has been broken for them and a simple smile or eye contact could go a long way.

I appreciate that everyone is different and deals with situations in their own unique way. However, when attending a singles event with the opportunity to meet so many new people within a short space of time. Is reaching for your phone really going to help or hinder your chance of meeting your match?

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